The Band

Dean Patrick Luce: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Jessica Gigot: Vocals, Guitar

Peter Bridgman: Bass

 Contact Info:  thedovetailsofbow@gmail.com  or 360-941-8196

Detailed Biography

The Dovetails were formed in 2010 after Jessica and Dean met performing in a weekly singer/songwriter series called ‘Quiet is the New Loud’ in Edison, WA. During the last nine years they’ve performed all over Skagit and Whatcom counties at farmers markets, bars, parties and music festivals and have added the bass stylings of Peter Bridgman. Jessica and Dean have also since gotten married and started a family.  Their first album, Between Field and Sunset, was recorded in Vancouver BC by Marc L’Esperance at Heavysonic in January of 2015. Hard Times In This Town was recorded live at Field & Sunset studios (aka their barn) by Andy Rick in January of 2019.

Jessica (Jess) grew up in the Seattle area and learned to sing classic country and bluegrass tunes from her mother and aunt, who was a professional bluegrass singer and regular on Prairie Home Companion. She learned to play guitar in high school, but was too shy to perform until she was in her late twenties. Jessica moved to the Skagit Valley in 2003 to work on a graduate degree in agricultural science. About the time Jess and Dean met, Jess had graduated and decided to start a small farm called Harmony Fields. Her songwriting is rooted in personal experience and inspired by farm life in Bow. In addition to playing music, Jessica works on the farm, writes poetry, and teaches food & wellness classes.

Dean also grew up in the Seattle area and played guitar in bands around the city and in Bellingham after moving there in 2000.  It was in Bellingham that Dean’s interest in bluegrass and old time music started. When the mandolin player in his band had to quit because his sleeping cat fell off the bookshelf and on his instrument and broke it in two, Dean took it on. Since then Dean has started to build and repair stringed instruments, many of which are featured on the albums.  In addition to the Dovetails, Dean plays in several bands including SmokeWagon and Conway West. He spends most days working on the farm, creating things in the wood shop and learning to be a Dad.

Peter was born and raised in Skagit County and has been playing music since he was little. His twin brother, David, is an amazing drummer and together they have formed the rhythm section of many bands, including the Blue Dogs and SmokeWagon. When not playing music you can find Peter exploring the Pacific Northwest on his motorcycle or being a super-uncle to his nieces and nephews!


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